Loose Leaf
Cannabis-Infused Iced Tea
I was hired by Canopy Growth Corp. to build and lead their in-house creative team focused on recreational cannabis brands. Our team built holistic brands and go-to-market campaigns for innovative + emerging brands, including Loose Leaf Cannabis-Infused Iced Tea.
The essence of Loose Leaf is summertime. It’s the sunny days spent with friends that you just don’t want to end. It’s the beach, the dock, the woods and the hills, the city parks and the festival grounds. Day or night, it’s your favourite places with your favourite people. 
The brand design uses a California mid-modern design approach—with a little bit of funk. Our colours are inspired by both the golden hues of an iced tea, and the vibrant colours of the flavour profiles. Additional design elements cue cannabis, and tea sprigs—leaving no question as to what Loose Leaf is all about
With the right creative team in place, we created a brand that feels highly refreshing, while remaining compliant with tight Canadian legal perimeters.
•  Creative & Art Direction
•  Brand Strategy & Positioning
•  Brand Identity
•  Packaging Design & Production
Creative Lead: Taralyn Carver
Art Director: Mark VanMoorsel
Designers: Jamie Smith / Jason Doherty / Randy Laybourne / Chelle Lorenzen
Copywriter: Marcus Kaulback
Project Manager: Chloe Nosko
Brand Manager: Nadine De Albuquerque

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